Mission Statement  

"Restoring, Transforming and Empowering Young Minds to Achieve Academic Excellence" 

  About The School  

What is The Academy?

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The Academy Concept:

We are a student support service Academy for Bob Jones and James Clemens High School that offers academic and rigorous instruction in a smaller, interactive, and structured learning community to selected secondary high school students of Madison City Schools.

We prepare our students for life after graduation. Our students are introduced to the area college campuses to learn more about associate, technical and undergraduate degrees to determine what path they want to take after graduation as it relates to their post-secondary goals. This allows them to explore their many career field options and get to know more about the local campus lifestyles and career opportunities. We also prepare students for the workforce through resume writing, job coaching, interview skills and other life skills seminars.

The Academy Transportation:

Our students ride their assigned school bus to their home high school. Bob Jones High School students board The Academy bus to James Clemens High School (JCHS) where we are currently located. Some of our students drive their personal cars or ride to school with their parents. In the evening, The Academy bus arrives at 3:05 p.m. to transport Bob Jones' students (bus riders) back to the Bob Jones' campus so they can then participate in extracurricular activities or board their bus to go home. All Bob Jones' car riders and drivers remain in class until dismissal at 3:28 p.m. James Clemens' students load their assigned bus in the evening to go home or participate in extracurricular activities.

 Six Period Flex Schedule:                        

(6 credits available per semester)

We offer a six period flex schedule that allows our students to gain up to six credits per semester. This schedule allows students to incorporate Edgenuity classes (virtual), service learning, and Advisory classes into their academic experience. It also allows students that transfer to Madison City from other school systems to gain the additional credit or credits they need to meet Alabama's graduation requirements.

 The Academy Extracurricular Activities:

Our students are allowed to participate in all Bob Jones and James Clemens High School's extracurricular activities and events. Our mid-year and end of the year graduates participate in the Bob Jones and James Clemens High School's commencement celebrations in May.